October 20, 2012

Halloween Movie Party #3

The Others Blu-Ray, $7.79 on Amazon


Another leisurely evening of nicely creepy Halloween horror movies.

The Omen Collection Blu-Ray, on Amazon


Scream 4 Blu-Ray, on Amazon

Invite six or seven adult friends to join you in watching two Halloween or horror movies this evening. Have snacks and appetizers on the table at 7pm; start the first movie at 8pm and the second, scarier movie at 10:30 pm.


Witch Window Cling, on Amazon

The Shining Movie Poster, on eBay

Gemmy Halloween Inflatable Archway, on eBay


Play music as people are arriving and snacking, but turn it off before the movie starts.

Horror Movie Madness CD, on Amazon

Very Scary Music CD, on Amazon


Creepy Crow Claws Recipe, from Betty Crocker

Witches' Knuckles, at iVillage

Halloween Nachos, at Better Homes & Gardens


Blood Sucker Cocktail Recipe, from HGTV

Fizzy Ghoul Cocktail Recipe, at Betty Crocker

Green Goblin Cocktail, at Cocktails Recipes


Red Hot Popcorn, at Taste and Tell Blog

Black Beans in Boo Bowls Recipe, from Betty Crocker

Halloween Witch Sandwich, from Ziggity Zoom

Green Cauldron Fondue Recipe, from Betty Crocker

Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines, at The Knead 4 Speed


Witch's Hat Pastries, from iVillage

Frankenstein Marshmallows, at The Decorated Cookie Blog

Scary Skulls Recipe, from Better Homes & Gardens

Dracula's Bite Cupcakes, at Parenting.com

Dracula Cookies Recipe, from Taste of Home

Friendly Frankenstein Cookies Recipe, from Bake at 350


A Zombie Ate My Cupcake, on Amazon


5 Simply Terrifying Flicks for Halloween (Movies.com)

Halloween Cocktails You Will Never Drink (X-Entertainment)

One Dozen Underrated Horror Movies You Should Strongly Consider Watching (Beyond Hollywood)

10 Ridiculously Fun Horror Movies (Screen Rant)

Visit tomorrow for a Halloween Bonfire Party!

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