Halloween Wreath Making Party

Halloween Wreath, at Pier 1 Imports


Invite a few close friends over (no more than six, so you'll have room to work on your dining room table) for a simple hearty dinner and a night of creating wreaths for all your front doors. Inspire each other with creativity, and help each other get your wreaths done so you can decorate your homes for the season.


Martha Stewart Halloween Glitter, on Amazon

After a quick but not rushed dinner, let guests spread their wreath making supplies out on your dining room table. You might need to add a card table to hold supplies. Print out some interesting wreath pictures from Pinterest and tape them on your dining room walls for inspiration. Put on music or a fun movie like Practical Magic to entertain everyone while you craft.

Serve dessert after everyone has finished their wreaths.

At the end of the evening, take a picture of each person holding their wreath, and then a group shot if possible.


A Forest Frolic

Swell Designer

Halloween Wreath by Scrumdillydo


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I wouldn't worry about the decorations too much for this particular party, since part of what you're doing is creating decorations. Maybe just decorate your mantel if you have time, and perhaps string a simple black and orange paper garland around your dining room. Light a few autumn scented candles, clear off a workspace on your table, be sure your house is clean and organized, and set out a pot of colorful orange mums on your front porch.


Aria, by Delirium

Play something relaxing in the background, something you can talk and chat over. Your playlist will depend on the tastes of you and your guests, but I'll suggest a few fun songs for fall evenings too.

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The Mummers' Dance MP3, by Irish Ceili Band, on Amazon

Summoning of the Muse MP3, by Dead Can Dance, on Amazon


Spider Cheese Ball Appetizer Recipe, at Cleverly Inspired

Parmesan Witches Broomsticks, at Betty Crocker

Serve a few small snacks that you can keep on your dining table while people work. That will help your guests "fill up" since you're serving a small dinner to maximize their crafting time.

Breadstick Bones Recipe, at Pillsbury


Caramel Spider Apple Cider, on TastyKitchen

As this is a worknight/school night party, keep the alcoholic beverages to a minimum. Serve decaf coffee, hot cocoa, herbal tea, and a sparkling nonalcoholic cider to get people in the mood for fall.

Offer a pitcher of icewater, too. Your guests will get thirsty from all the talking and chitchatting as they create their wreaths!

Sinister Cider Cocktail, by Martha Stewart


Hot Halloween Stew Recipe, from Albion Cooks

Eye-Popping Soup, at YumSugar

As this is a worknight, feed people something hot and nourishing that they can eat quickly. With wreaths to make, there isn't a lot of time to sit around eating a meal. Serve a soup, stew or chili with bread or crackers, then let guests nibble on appetizers and desserts while they work on their crafts.

Pumpkin Beef Chili, at Chocolate and Carrots


Jack O' Lantern Cake, at Dean & Deluca

Witches Brooms Cookies, by My Wooden Spoon

Creepy Spider Cookies, by Taste of Home

Creepy Cookies, from Dean & Deluca


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